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The Ajax provides two way to developers to build rich application, server centric and client centric. The extenders use a block of JavaScript code to add new enhanced capabilities to ASP.net. JQUERY is the library of JavaScript. It is lightweight, supported by all the browser, active developer community, and extensible plug-in to develop the website. Using jqurey we can do DOM manipulation, apply CSS to the element, CURD operation on the element, and apply CSS runtime

AJAX allows web pages to be updated asynchronously by exchanging small amounts of data with the server behind the scenes. Ajax uses the JavaScript DOM, the XMLHttpRequest object, XML, and CSS to download and display just the content that needs to change. Ajax allows content on Web pages to update immediately when a user performs an action, unlike an HTTP request, during which users must wait for a whole new page to load. For example, a weather forecasting site could display local conditions on one side of the page without delay after a user types in a zip code.

XML and Ajax

  • Creating a DOM Document with JavaScript
  • Accessing Element Nodes
    • Creating an AddChild() Function
  • Receiving XML Responses
  • Passing XML to the Server
Ajax Applications
  • Login Form
  • Quick Lookup Form
  • Preloaded Data
    • City State List
    • Navigable Tables
    • Show data suggestions on keyup
    • Show pre-loaded Images

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