The While Loop

A While loop is used when we have to repeat a set of statements as long as the condition is false. It could be the best where number of repetition is not known earlier or in advance. It can be explain in plain English as “Keep doing something until a condition is true”. Syntax: while…

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Arrays in PHP

An array is a data structure that stores similar type of values in a common variable. Arrays are also called homogeneous data type. For example if you want to store 50 numbers then instead of defining variables it is easy to define an array with size of 50. In PHP, the array() function is used…

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Ajax Tutorial Webs Jyoti

PHP Ajax Tutorial

The Ajax provides two way to developers to build rich application, server centric and client centric. The extenders use a block of JavaScript code to add new enhanced capabilities to JQUERY is the library of JavaScript. It is lightweight, supported by all the browser, active developer community, and extensible plug-in to develop the website.…

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