PHP is one of the most widely used programming languages and it certainly plays a major role in web development. As a PHP web developer you should know some major things while working on php mysql environment-

Using of PHP Core Functions and Classes:

PHP function that you can take advantage of, so there are many functions in-build in PHP. There’s no need to create a function to count the length of a string when you can just use the strlen() function.

Create a Configuration (Config) File

Instead of placing database connection string in every php page, its better to create one master file that contains its config, and then include it in your PHP scripts? If you need to change details later on, you can do it in one file instead of several files. You can import config file using includestatement.

Use Dynamic validation (Sanitization) before its going to proceed for the Database

sanitizing is the best practice for validating your input data . The first thing you should do is learn about popular ways your app can be compromised and get a good understanding of what SQL injections are… Using sanitization (PHP 5.5+) you can easily validate your complex input easily i.e. IP Address Valition, URL Validation, Email Validation etc..

Keep Error Reporting Turned On

When building your application, leave error_reporting and display_errors properties turned on to see run-time errors that will help you identify where errors are coming from. these properties are available in php.ini file.

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Use a Good Text Editor to Save Your Time

For the PHP Development,you should have a good text editor to save your time. Syntax highlighting is a must and definitely something you should be looking for as a software feature.

some examples of a source code editor/IDE for PHP are Dreamweaver, sublime text, notepad++ and brackets.

Using PHP Framework

Using a PHP framework gives you a standardized platform for building web applications. there are many advantages of using framework for the web applications. some of the php frameworks are Zend, CakePHP and Laravel.

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