Python Training in Gurgaon

Python is a general purpose and high level programming language. You can use Python for developing desktop GUI applications, websites and web applications. The simple syntax rules of the programming language further makes it easier for you to keep the code base readable and application maintainable.

Learning Python with a development company means you learn how to work in the company’s environment along with learning Python and other Web Services. All developers and designers who will teach you have 5+ years of experience in the IT field.

  • Readable and Maintainable Code
  • Compatible with Major Platforms and Systems
  • Robust Standard Library
  • Many Open Source Frameworks and Tools

Course Details:

  • Introduction of Python Programming

  • Python Fundamentals

  • Python Data Type

  • Strings

  • Conditional Statements

  • Loops

  • Pattern based problems

  • User Defined function

  • List in Python

  • Set in Python

  • Dictionary in Python

  • Inbuilt functions in Python

  • Using fundamental modules in Python

  • File Handling Using Python

  • Modules in Python

Advanced Python Programming

  • Exception handing
  • File Handling

  • Database connectivity with Sql or mysq

  • DateTime Module in Python

  • Object Oriented Programming

  • GUI in Python – Tkinter

  • Python Multithreading

    Python Framework:

  • Django
  • Panda

Course Duration:

  • 3 Months (Weekdays/weekends Classes available)
  • Class Duration: 2-3 Hrs
  • Batch size: up to 8 Candidates
  • Address: Webs Jyoti M-24, Block M, Old DLF Colony, Sector 14, Gurgaon
  • Contact : +91- 8802000175